Employee Development

Are your employee’s getting the training they desire? Today’s executives understand the importance of providing learning and development opportunities for their employees. Give your organization the EDGE when attracting and retaining top talent.

  • Cultivate Power Skills (Interpersonal/Soft)
  • Develop employees at any level
  • Promote a collaborative culture
  • Improve engagement
  • Inspire Greatness

Leadership Development

Are your future leaders already in your organization? Promoting from within has great benefits. Show your team an attainable career growth path. Build trust, loyalty, and excitement and save costly recruitment expenses.

  • Discover leadership styles that work best for the individual
  • Cultivate Power Skills (interpersonal/soft)
  • Utilize leadership language effectively
  • Developing collaborative teams
  • Overcoming the challenge of leading peers

Management Development

Are you ready to promote the overall success of your organization by delivering the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for today’s challenges in business? We’ll help identify your high potential employees and prepare them for the next step in their career.

  • Manage situations and lead teams effectively
  • Cultivate Power Skills (Interpersonal/Soft)
  • Elevate Diversity & Inclusion training
  • Identify and develop team member strengths
  • Master Managerial Communications

Business Communication

Is it time to take your team’s communication skills to the next level? Excellent communication skills are critical to the success of your organization.

  • Refine business writing for impact and results
  • Develop Active Listening skills
  • Improve verbal communication; the power of tone, pitch, and pace
  • Increase awareness of non-verbal communication; body language, eye contact, and distance
  • Understand the sender/receiver relationship

Our team creates and delivers trainings, workshops, and resources that provide solutions specific to the needs of your organization. We specialize in Organizational and Professional Growth, with a focus on Business Communication, Leadership, Management, Employee Development, and Power Skills.

Educational Development for Growth & Engagement

  • Thorough Assessments and Analyses for Targeted Engagement and Growth
  • Development Plans Tailored to the Individual’s Needs
  • Custom Designed Training to Meet Your Organizational Goals
  • Multi-Modal Delivery
  • Pre & Post Program Learning Tools and Resources
  • Ongoing Support
EDGE Model – 5 Pillars toward Growth & Engagement
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