Management Development

“Increasingly, management’s role is not to organize work, but to direct passion and purpose.” – Greg Satell

People follow people, not companies. Great managers will make a difference in your organization’s success.

50% of employees quit their boss, not their job. (According to research from Gallup, 50% of employees leave their companies because of their boss.)

With over 4 decades of management experience we’ve been through a lot. We use today’s best practices and our lessons from the past, both good and bad, to create programs designed for your success.

People often draw a line between managers and leaders. We believe the best managers can also be great leaders and respected leaders should know how to manage effectively.


Have you identified your high potential employees that are ready for the next phase in their career? Set them up for success with in-depth Management Development workshops.

Individual Growth Plans

Do you or someone in your organization want to be a better manager? Let’s create a customized plan that meets your needs to take you to the next level.


Deliver important training and learning to large groups while keeping the focus on the individual. All of our seminars include personalized plans for each individual.

  • Many organizations often promote people into management with no prior experience managing others
  • Managers who receive the same training will provide consistent management throughout the organization
  • Good managers learn how to (ethically) motivate employees to increase productivity
  • Great managers learn how to assemble effective collaborative teams
  • Respect from employees is earned, the best managers lead by example

Great Managers Get More Accomplished Through Respect.

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