Invaluable Expertise

Soaring Communications was an incredible asset when I started my new business. They worked with me to develop my branding and marketing materials as well as my social media strategy.

Published by Courtney

Over the last 15 years I have had the pleasure of working on a wide range of projects for clients with varying needs. My experience includes: Writing and editing professional and technical documentation, SOWs, white papers, and proposals. Creating blog articles, website content, and marketing materials for both non-profit and for profit organizations. Working with companies to elevate their e-commerce divisions by utilizing engaging and fun SEO optimized content. Developing curriculum and content for online and community education. Ethics and leadership training and development. I hold bachelor's degree in Professional and Technical Communication from the University of South Florida. I am in the process of completing a Master of Liberal Arts with a focus on ethics and leadership and a Master of Arts with a focus on digital journalism and design, both from the University of South Florida My expertise in ethical communication and leadership allows me to work with clients to create effective and impactful professional communications.